Responsive, Thorough, Professional and Knowledgeable

Ken and I have been together for nearly 28 years – divorce, landlord-tenant, wills, miscellaneous business problems. He has always been totally responsive, thorough, professional and knowledgeable.

Someone You Can Trust

Ken Kutner achieved a successful outcome for my company in a complex litigation that involved an opposing party determined to destroy my business. It was only after years of depleting company resources to pay fees to prior counsel that I had the good fortune to meet Ken. He was able to negotiate a settlement with my insurance carrier who had selected my first lawyer in exchange for a release from the policy that was unlikely to cover any potential damages. This provided me with the necessary financial support to continue. Ken then proceeded to expose the Plaintiff under oath in depositions. The result was that Plaintiff withdrew their case. Ken was also able to reach a settlement with my prior counsel which compensated me for much of the time and money I lost over the lengthy battle.

Ken Kutner exceeded my expectations. Ken is tenacious, aggressive, strategic and responsive. He always put my interests first. He navigates through the complexities of the New York State court system, with full knowledge of the rules and personalities required to reach successful outcomes. Most importantly, he is someone you can trust.

I Highly Recommend Him

I used Ken for my divorce recently. He was extremely professional, detail oriented, thorough and efficient. He did a great job arguing for me and protecting my side of the divorce. It was very easy working with him and when I emailed him questions, he always responded promptly. Ken also drafted my will, living will and health care proxy. I highly recommend him.

Competent, Professional and Dedicated Attorney

Ken Kutner has been by attorney for many years. He successfully handled my complicated divorce as well as my healthcare litigation against a major health insurance company. I do not make any major professional or personal moves without his counsel. Ken literally goes to war for me. He is the most competent, professional and dedicated attorney I have ever met. By now, I feel like he is part of my family. I give Ken the biggest endorsement possible.

Ultimate Professional

Ken Kutner is the ultimate professional. His passion, commitment and drive are evident in each case he handles. As a fellow attorney, I have been an adversary as well as a client and know that Ken has the skills and knowledge to obtain the best possible outcome and can handle any situation that he encounters. I have the highest level of respect for him as a person and complete trust and confidence in Ken as an advocate.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.